Does your dog have trouble calming down inside? Does your dog get constantly distracted in public and ignore you? Are you being dragged by your dog when they are on leash? Consider one of our board and train or private lesson programs. By combining physical and mental exercise around the home and in public you can have a calmer, more balanced dog.

Board & Train Programs:

  • 2 Week Program
  • 4 Week Program
  • 6 Week Program

Your dog will be able to be more relaxed in the home and be more focused in public after completing one of our board and train programs. By working in a home setting, as well as at local parks and dog friendly stores, your dog will get a solid foundation for you to build upon. Just as important as teaching the dog is teaching you, the owner, to maintain the training. All the equipment used we also train you in the use of and send home with your dog. Through private lessons during the board and train, and after your dog is back home, we can ensure you are comfortable using the training tools and can maintain your dog's training. 

The 2-week program begins by teaching leash pressure and introducing basic commands on leash, as well as introducing place and settling. The 4-week program expands on this by reinforcing commands off leash and beginning to teach recall when off leash. The 6-week program further bolsters your dog's ability to use their newfound skills in a public setting by doing daily field trips to dog friendly stores and other venues (famers markets, outdoor breweries, etc.)


  • Any and all tools the dog is trained in the use of
  • Set of 5 private lessons to help ensure you can properly use the tools provided and are comfortable maintaining and progressing the training
  • E-books and take home material 


Dogs must be over 6 months old and have no severe separation anxiety or human/dog aggression to be eligible for our program. 

Private Lesson Programs:

Private lessons are one-on-one in your home or at local parks. Private lessons are done weekly for a total of 6 lessons. 

  • Puppy Package: 
    • Best for puppies 3-5 months of age.
    • This program is to help start your puppy off on the right paw. Using positive reinforcement methods, we will work on teaching your puppy to pay attention and learn the house rules in a fun and engaging way. At the end of this program puppies take the AKC S.T.A.R puppy test which is available for puppies of any breed or mix of breeds. 
  • Adult 1:
    • Best for dogs 5+ months. Covers leash work and intro to training methods.
    • This program introduces leash pressure, focuses on basic commands on leash, engagement between you and your dog, and working on place and settling inside the home. With weekly lessons we teach you how to teach your dog, and the theory and methods used to do it.
  • Adult 2:
    •  Available to dogs who have completed our Adult 1 program. Covers off leash work with the e-collar.
    • This program is to reinforce off leash obedience and off leash recall. It expands upon the behaviors learned in Adult 1 utilizing a mini educator e-collar which allows for quick and effective communication between you and your dog. 
  • Day Train:
    • Dogs are picked up Monday-Friday at home to train with one of our trainers for 60-90 minutes before being dropped back off. 
    • Simultaneously, you participate in three afternoon/evening lessons to learn how to maintain and expand on the skills your dog is acquiring.
    • Skills that can be worked on are walking nicely on a leash, basic commands (such as sit, down, stay, and come), staying on place, and working on nuisance behaviors such as jumping and barking.